Generation Next – Workshops

Dance workshops are a fantastic opportunity to learn from our highly skilled industry leaders. Students have the opportunity to work on their performance in front of a crowd, to learn new skills in the same rooms that our professionals rehearse, and also to meet other GENERATION NEXT! students. Workshops are held during school holidays for GENERATION NEXT! members, where we bring all our students together for an afternoon of fun, sweat, dance & learning with one of our fantastic Choreographers. As a GENERATION NEXT! member you can even vote for who you would like to take the workshop!

We also arrange private workshops for dance schools, parties, crews, and for professional companies who wish to broaden their skills and learn from the best. Workshops can be spread over a couple of hours, a morning or afternoon, or a full day, and more often than not result in a performance. If you’re a school based up north and are traveling down to London to see a show, why not book a workshop while you’re here?! We guarantee you’ll go home with a routine you’ll be practicing for months, that you’re allowed to perform in your show, and we’ll even film our Workshop leader teaching it too so it’s like we’re right there with you!