RiRi Productions – Generation Next
Private Dance Lessons by leading industry professionals! 

Here at RiRi Productions we believe in encouraging and nurturing the next generation of dancers in the UK, after all they are the future of our industry!

How better to learn Michael Jackson’s moves by a dancer currently in Thriller Live! What better way can you recreate the scenes you see on X Factor, than with a dancer that is currently performing on the hit show! Any TV program, Video, or Artist you love, we guarantee we have the perfect dancer or Choreographer that will help you recreate the “moves like jagger” in your very own living room. Dance is a fantastic way of keeping fit whilst having fun, and should be experienced by everyone, of all ages and ability’s.

We offer private dance lessons to students, along with membership benefits such as regular workshops, day’s out, regular news letters with updates on what’s going on in the industry, letters from our dancers, behind the scenes footage, and much much more!

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