Generation Next – Development

Whilst we believe dance should be accessible by everyone, there are also those students that show great promise, and under the correct guidance, can go on to experience fantastic, varied, and fulfilling careers as professional performers. Our choreographers are aware first hand of the demands and requirements in today’s industry, and when faced with a student showing true potential, will do their upmost to nurture and guide them in the right direction. They have all been there themselves and understand what is necessary from both a physical and mental perspective, and can guide a childs skill talent and determination accordingly, whislt maintaining their passion and love of what they do. After all, in an extremely difficult and over saturated industry, it is your passion and your ability to have that transpire into your performance, that sets you apart from the rest.

We do a lot of work with developing new artists in order to broaden their skills prior to their release, and also to guide them in their journey and identity as an artist, and we do the same with any students that we feel could (and would want) to go on to have a career in the business we call show. But it takes hard work, perseverance, and guidance, and is by no means easy. We believe in equipping students with all the technical and creative know how, along with the correct mind set, and a realistic perspective of what is required of them. Too often children are encouraged to pursue a pipe dream by people who are unaware of the reality’s, we ensure that only those students who show true potential are encouraged to enter the profession, but once that decision is made, we ensure that we walk with them on their entire journey.

Our staff have all the tools needed to equip you on your professional journey, if you believe your child shows true potential, and is considering a career in the arts, please enquire to find out more about how we can help them.