Generation Next – Agency


RiRi Productions, first and foremost, is a dance agency and production company. Whilst we do not operate a child agency, in the event that under 18′s are required on any of our projects, GENERATION NEXT! students are always our first port of call.*

Any student that carries out work through the agency is treated in the same manner as all the professionals we represent, and is looked after under the same guidelines and standards.

This is a fantastic way for students to experience first hand what it is like in the profession, and to get a feel for whether it is a career they would wish to pursue. Any student that carries out work through us will also be chaperoned by a tutor that they have come to know, therefore maximising the learning potential of the job, and also keeping them at ease.

We believe in encouraging and nurturing the next generation of dancers in the UK, after all they are the future of our industry!

* Please note participation in professional work is entirely optional.
Parents will be informed of potential work privately, and their children’s participation will be entirely at the parents discretion, prior to the child being notified.